The Mint Uglies Up the Dollar

<img alt="0215usmintcoins.jpg" src="/unbeige/files/original/0215usmintcoins.jpg" width="400" height="107" /

The good people at Tropist have a review of the design of the new dollar coin just released by the US Mint and it isn’t positive. And rightly so. The images do kinda look like either a) they were illustrated by someone in a hurry who was working off a blurry scan of the famous mens’ faces or b) something happened to melt the original drawings. Here’s a bit:

If you haven’t seen these coins already, you’re lucky, because they are hideous. They look like mockeries of the Presidents they are supposed to be celebrating. For example, the representation of James Madison looks like someone superimposed part of a human face over that of a greyhound dog.