The Meteoric Rise of David Adjaye


For those of you who like to get in on the ground floor so you can later brag with an “well, I knew about him before he was big,” you’d better hurry when it comes to David Adjaye, the architect soon to be the next starchitect, or so says a piece in the Telegraph, which we found by way of Archinect. The story focuses on Adjaye’s most recent projects, most notably his high-profile work across the pond in creating the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and how his place in the business of building keeps rising. So hop on board and get familiar with his work before he starts buddying up with Sydney Pollack and everyone and their sister has seen Sketches of David Adjaye. Here’s from the intro:

This is a defining time for architect David Adjaye. He has often been tipped as one of the country’s most promising and original architectural talents, but this will be the year – thanks to a quartet of high-profile commissions coming to completion by this autumn – when we find out if Adjaye can really translate promise into achievement and begin to compete with the global “starchitects”.

Three of Adjaye’s new projects are high-profile cultural and educational projects for London, which suggest that Adjaye has more to offer than the ultra-sophisticated houses, beloved of “property porn” fans, for which he has been best known until now.