The Met Prepares to Switch from Hot Dogs to Cupcakes

Last summer, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And when we say “surrounding” we mean just that. The city (and rumored to also involved the Met itself) had begun pushing away hot dog vendors from the sidewalks surrounding the museum by way of stiff penalties and absurdly high vendor fees. Now the remaining hot doggers are sure to have their feathers ruffled even further, as the city opened up the territory with welcome arms to Cake & Shake, a multi-cart operation run by chefs Gina Ojile and Derek Hunt, who will be offering Met visitors organic baked goods (like cupcakes) and milk shakes. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about sweets replacing those old greasy stalwarts, but there are at least a couple of other options in the city to buy a hot dog, and we’re suckers for a good cupcake. Here’s a bit from the NY Daily News story about the new carts in town:

Cake & Shake will pay the city $108,000 a year for the museum spot, going up 10% each year. The Washington Square Park spot will net the city $27,000 in the first year with a 5% annual increase.

…The fanciful carts will be powered by solar panels and biodiesel fuel, selling five types of cupcakes each day out of a rotating cast of 20 — including some that are meals in themselves with fillings like ham, sausage, chicken and turkey.