The Met Hires Out to Replace Philippe de Montebello


We all know by now that Philippe de Montebello has drawn up and delivered his “adios” to his position as director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But now comes the trick of replacing him. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the museum has hired the firm Phillips Oppenheim to do the scouting, which isn’t sounding like a very easy job, considering they’re also doing the same for a bunch of other big shot museums around the country with little luck:

The headhunting task comes as some museum directors across the country are grappling with increasing budgets, decreasing federal and corporate funding, and several years of flat attendance. At least 20 U.S. museums are currently searching for new directors, according to the Association of Art Museum Directors, a New York-based nonprofit representing more than 180 museum directors.

So if you happen to be a fully qualified museum director who can’t seem to find a job and you’ve been spending your days watching reality courtroom shows in your underwear, maybe you could do the Met a favor by dropping them a line and saving them a couple of bucks, huh? Besides, your mom is only going to let you stay in her basement for so long, you know?