The Met Closes Retail Outlets, Acknowledges Possible Layoffs

Elsewhere in the world of troubled museum finances, the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s chairman, James R. Houghton, has announced that the institution will be closing seven more of their retail outlets across the country, adding to the number they closed several months ago. Citing the now very familiar financial crunch all museums are in, the Met has decided that it needs to make additional cuts, thus leaving just a handful remaining open in the US. They’ve also decided to take a look at their current budget and see what can be trimmed here and there to keep safely solvent, starting with two major decisions and a quote all current Met employees probably weren’t eager to read:

Citing the global financial crisis, Mr. Houghton said the museum had imposed a hiring freeze and is curtailing staff travel and entertainment as well as the use of temporary employees. He also said the Met was in the process of a museum-wide assessment of expenses to see how it can further reduce costs. Emily Rafferty, the Met’s president, said Monday that “we cannot eliminate the possibility of a head-count reduction.”

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