The Media is Dying, 140 Characters at a Time

So, at one of the media parties we were at over the weekend we found ourselves attempting to explain Twitter to a fellow party-goer (it’s always nice to be reminded that not the entire world, or even most of it, spends their time contemplating these things). Anyway the best analogy we could come up with was to say it was like an individualized CNN news ticker that you could subscribe to. With that in mind, those of you interested in a dedicated channel of media layoff news — 140 characters or less — may want to check out The Media is Dying, a twitter feed started by a public relations employee which attempts to keep up with all the layoff news. Per today’s piece in the Times:

Initially, The Media Is Dying was accessible only to select Twitter members, as the feed was intended to help those in the P.R. industry stay on top of the revolving entries in their address books. But requests to be included flooded the founder, who decided to go public three weeks ago. Since then, the stream, maintained at by its founder and seven volunteers from the industry, has garnered more than 3,000 subscribers. The stream tries to confirm the tips it receives; if something cannot be verified, it is posted and labeled as rumor.

A glimpse at the latest updates after the jump.