The Media Finally Gets Some Balls

(Photo Credit: Paul Baskers, National Press Club)

It was another snoozefest thrilling Saturday in the Metropolitan Media Softball League. (aka, The Good ‘Ol Boys Club), the SportsNuts and AP all still enjoy 4-0 records (remaining thoroughly defeated: NBC News, Dow Jones, Washington Examiner, Washington City Paper, WUSA-TV 9).

Some highlights:

  • In a move that will greatly annoy Deborah Howell, beat their print colleagues over at the Washington Post.

  • Overheard: Who the hell is “Team Video”?

  • Another impressive outing for USA Today and (Chatter Excessive) AOL

  • National Press Club has a winning record for first time since 1998.

  • CNN got walloped despite their earlier success on opening weekend.

    Read the full recap here, if only to attempt to wrap your brain around this analysis: “And looking straight ahead, USA Today and the Washington Times are facing Comcast SportsNet and this weekend in games that absolutely, positively, unequivocally are going to make a difference in the outcome of either the Wheaton Forest race and/or the playoff seedings.”