The Many Looks of Matthew Boyle

The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle is the subject of an office prank that began this weekend when a colleague switched his Twitter avatar to an old picture of Boyle in a fake tux. The publication’s TV media writer, Jeff Poor, says he refuses to change his picture back to his own until Boyle removes his current avatar, although he concedes he will grow tired of seeing Boyle’s picture every time he tweets. “We advised him not to use a screen shot from TV as his avi (seems douchey) and he did it anyway,” Poor told FishbowlDC, explaining the joke’s origin.

Boyle, meanwhile, isn’t having his life hijacked by his coworkers. He’s holding fast to his new avatar, a picture of an appearance on Fox News.

You Be the Judge: We’ve acquired other options for Boyle and we’d like you, dear readers, to cast your vote on which he ought to use. Send the corresponding number to or Explain your choice. We’ll print the best answers.

1. This is the photograph that Poor is currently using as his avatar. Immature? Maybe. But it’s his expression of outrage. The picture (at left) is front and center in Boyle’s parents’ living room. It’s Boyle at the tender age of 18 in a fake tux prop the photog used for the shoot. He’s now 23. Poor has been getting all kinds of reaction, including, “You’re looking rather boyish this morning.” He replied, “Thanks for noticing.”

2. Boyle’s new avatar (at right) was taken from a screen shot of a recent appearance on Fox News.

3. A shot of Boyle (at left) with background faces cut out for no explicable reason. Legal maybe?


4. A dressed to impress but blurry Boyle (at right).

5. Here Boyle dons a Matt Drudge-style Fedora. Halloween costume? This is our top choice. We like that it allows for a glimpse into his closet.

UPDATE: Boyle would like the following photograph to be added for consideration.

6. Boyle with a cigar. Maybe he’s trying to join the ranks of famous people who’ve smoked cigars, including Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and, of course, Jack Nicholson.