The Man With the Dragon Pantaloons

At an event in Warwick, RI on Wednesday afternoon, GOP hopeful Mitt Romney spoke to an enthusiastic crowd. Some were a little more enthusiastic than others. He took a question from a man that Mitt’s body man, Garrett Jackson, described as wearing “BOLD pants.” Jackson then tweeted out this picture of the man. You can see that he is wearing a button down shirt, a tie, a blazer, and what look like pajama pants with white dragons all over them. At least he opted to wear a coat and tie and didn’t show up wearing “karate casual.” Reporters were abuzz on Twitter as word spread that a grown man with dragon pants was asking someone running to be leader of the free world a question. LAT’s Maeve Reston spotted the pants and let us know via Twitter just what the hell was happening. She was not permitted to speak on the record.

FishbowlDC reached out to the man wearing the pants. His name is Karl Waldensten and he sells vibrators. (It’s not what you think.) He told us that he got the pants from Lily Pulitzer’s website. But, why dragon pants? “The dragons in Eastern culture signify the new year, new beginnings. I thought it was appropriate” for the Romney event, he said. Around the office, they call him “Fancy Pants.”

Waldensten, who is married with “four great kids”, says his message to them is “if you feel confident with yourself, it shouldn’t matter that you just want to stick out a little bit. As long as you’re neat and tidy.”