The Man Behind @SavedYouAClick

JakeBeckmanTwitterPicIf you’re not yet familiar with the Twitter account @SavedYouAClick, Emily Shire’s Daily Beast chat with Jake Beckman, the stream’s creator, is a good place to start. The project is a sideline for Beckman, who by day authors, edits content for Rebel Mouse.

The idea of the account is simple: In lieu of click-bait Web article headlines, the stream re-tweets the headline along with the short, brief answer to that headline, saving you the time and aggravation of having to click through. From Shire’s piece:

In its few months of existence, @SavedYouAClick has amassed 125,000 followers, a sign of increasing frustration. And @SavedYouAClick is hardly the only fighter in the anti-clickbait crusade. It follows on the heels of other Twitter accounts, like @HuffPostSpoilers and @UpworthySpoiler, designed to call out and mock click-bait culture…

“The concept of using ‘shouty journalism’ to move the needle isn’t new,” Beckman says and cites the street corner newsies. “‘Extra, extra read all about it!’ That was trying to sensationalize a story. This [click-bait] is just the modern equivalent.”

Excellent point. In fact, to read just how far back the click-bait M.O. dates, check out The Sun and the Moon, Matthew Goodman’s excellent account of how the New York Sun – in the mid 1800s – concocted a fake series of hugely popular articles about an active civilization on the moon.

[Image via: @JakeBeckman]