‘The Major Goal of Power Breakfast is to Not Spill Scrambled Eggs on Ken Prewitt’

Bloomberg News editor-at-large and morning radio co-host Tom Keene fits breakfast in when he can, even if that’s while he’s on the air, reports GrubStreet.

I have breakfast during the nine o’clock hour. A classic kind of Winston Churchill breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, English muffin toasted twice, home fries. And I eat about half that because I’m on live. So, I can be talking about Euro, Yen, or the president’s economic policy, and I got a sausage in my mouth. The major goal of power breakfast is to not spill scrambled eggs on [co-host] Ken Prewitt.

Talk about eating at your desk. Usually all we have to contend with is making sure whatever curries or fish dishes we brownbagged don’t stink up the neighbor’s cubicle. And not even that so much anymore (yay freelancing).

Keene also drinks a lot of black coffee….Starbucks when he’s in the office, and Illy when he makes it himself at home (good man).

Epicurious editor-in-chief Tanya Steel prefers Lavazza, and Fox News’s Jenna Lee likes soy lattes.

I guess it goes without saying that nobody in New York media does Dunkin…