The Loser of the 2008 Election

0_61_palin_sarah.jpgRemember when we all laughed at the quip that Joe the Plumber had done more interviews than VP presidential candidate Sarah Palin? Remember back in October how funny we all thought that was?

Oh those were the days…there were just a couple of clips of Sarah Palin that the media played over and over again. Putin rearing his head. “I’ll have to get back to ya!” “All of them, again with a great appreciation for the media.” Blah blah blah.

So if there was any mystery as to why this unknown candidate wasn’t getting to do a too many interviews – now we know: words and facts are this woman’s frenemies.

But that won’t deter her now. Now she’s everywhere. Answering no questions but talking a lot. Like a female version of Ryan Seacrest only dumber and more power hungry.

The Greta Van Susteren interview. The first part of the Matt Lauer interviews and the upcoming Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, maybe Bill O’Reilly. We’ll guess Howard Stern, Matt Drudge and Carson Daly have to be on the list somewhere. The point is – her 15 minutes aren’t up. But she still doesn’t do follow up questions…