The Little Vikings aims to be the largest social game to date


Hooqt’s platform for casual online gaming is described as being built “by gamers, for gamers.” The platform’s first game, The Little Vikings, is an ambitious release, with Hooqt claiming it’s one of the largest social games ever created. In it, gamers take on the role of a Viking, exploring their own island to make a settlement while completing quests.

Upon arrival, the island is covered in fog, and is revealed as players manually explore the land around them. To start, users complete quests by constructing cottages, chopping down trees and other basic tasks, but the game eventually expands to include combat against enemies like killer rabbits that appear on the island.

Players will meet many characters in their journey, like Odin and Thor. They’ll also collect tons of resources, like wood, chestnuts, stones and gold, and can use these to construct new buildings. These building requirements encourage exploration outside of the island’s core, as gold deposits may be hidden on the far reaches of the map, for instance.

Outside of items required for quests, users can also spend their in-game currency on decorations for the village. These decorations increase the island’s Legendary Points. The higher the Legendary Points, the more items players unlock access to in the store, continuing the cycle. Gamers can also purchase additional Little Vikings characters, each with their own action specialties.

The base game of The Little Vikings resembles that of many other simulation games available on Facebook and elsewhere, and this browser-based title does offer Facebook connectivity for easy login and social play. The developers have a plan to update the game heavily going forward, with new content releases at least once every two weeks.

Already in the pipeline are increased social features, like the ability to visit other players’ Viking villages, and a PVP element to allow players to attack one another.

The Little Vikings is available to play for free on the Hooqt website.