The Little Caravan That Could


If you had a long night last night and feel a little sleepy still, we guarantee The Caravan Project’s site will do more from you than eating three pounds of coffee beans (and that takes some serious dedication, three pounds does). Not only is the site a wonderful shade of all things near-neon, the project itself is terrific. Tired of the troubles caused by galleries and clients and all other pesky irritants this creative life can throw at you, the founders decided to do what any normal person would think up: get a caravan together and spend the month of July driving around Sweden showing a whole batch of art and design work off to whoever would want to see it. It’s 60’s-ish, it’s bound to have been created by young, idealistic people, and hell, it just sounds fun. So get yourself outdoors (if you’re in Sweden) or hop on a plane, and hitch a ride. Here’s bullet point number three of their manifesto to rouse you up enough to go dig out that old beret of yours:

There must always be a general interest in art and design. Today the public tend to avoid the galleries that from the beginning was made for them. To keep a common curiosity we need to work together against the posh white rooms that seems to been made for only a certain group of people. Today pretentious and idealistic galleries discriminate creative people. Only the ones that are hyped by the media or have the right contacts get access to the tragic glorious world of the white rooms. Let’s dance around the awful space and salute each other with embraces and open arms.