The Limited-Edition Craig’s List Redux

We read on the terrific site, Airbag Industries, that this was sure to be the most copied design of 2006, and we’re thinking so too. At SXSW, in a conference, “Design Eye for the List Guy,” a team of web-folk was given a short amount of time to completely redesign a popular site. They were handed Craigslist and did a super bang-up job on it. Clean, intuitive, and retains the feel of the original. It’s both an interesting look at the team’s abilities, but also a nice way to experience what a difference subtle, intelligent changes can make something seem, particularly something so familiar. Here’s the story from Ryan Sims (he handled the interface and layout).

UPDATE: Looks like this writer just plum forgot that Alissa had some on-the-spot coverage of this event when she was at SXSW. Here’s her take on the whole deal.