The Life and Times of David M. Kelley


A great, short piece on David M. Kelley in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday. In it, he just lays out his whole life, from the start to the current, dropping in juicy little morsels here at there, from getting into Stanford’s product design master’s program on a whim to later being chosen to run it, from designing the Apple mouse, to founding IDEO. If you’re looking to maybe make a five year plan for yourself and want to aim absurdly high, here’s maybe the designer you should pattern yourself on. Here’s a little bit about how he says they like to work at IDEO:

We don’t believe in this notion of a bunch of smart people sitting around being clever. We believe in this notion that you hang out with the people who will benefit, and develop real empathy for them. Look for latent, nonobvious needs that they have. Then give it to the smart people to try to figure out innovation.