The Least Appetizing Book Ever

Spent the evening last night mingling among Chicago literary types at the release party for Wendy McClure’s fantastically fun book “The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan,” which is a collection of diet receipe cards from the 1970’s. But this is site is not about how many weird fruit-based martinis this writer had therein because they were a) free and b) expensive, otherwise, but at this point, free. No, this site is about design, so instead, we’re going to plug Wendy’s book. Granted the focus is on humor. Wendy uses these found objects to poke jokes at their absurd titles and even weirder ingredients (“Jellied Tomato Refresher” anyone?), but for the designer, it’s an amazing way to check out the patterns used by the photographers, the composition of the food photography, and sure, if you’re also in the writing game, a great way of coming up with an ironic title for nearly everything. So, in short, buy Wendy’s fantastic book, laugh a lot, then learn from it the next time you’re asked to do some “retro-y” project.

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