The Late Night Talk Show Wars Just Got Racy


Yeah. He just got busy. 

Just when you thought we were all past this crap. Just when you thought 2014 meant something. Just when you thought we could all just get along. And now, we have Arsenio Hall calling out The New York Times and NBC’s grand poobah Brian Williams

And you know what else? Arsenio is right. 

ICYMI: What had happened was both sources were waxing nostalgic about Jay Leno’s empty seat that was just given to Jimmy Fallon. While I dig “The Roots” and Jimmy Fallon (more them than him), there’s a slew of other talk show hosts out there — Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, Ferguson, Jon Stewart, Colbert. Sure there’s more, but there’s also Arsenio.

And he wasn’t given nary a mention on either story…

Needless to say, Arsenio was slightly miffed about being left out in what he called “A Brady Bunch montage.” And rightly so. Andy Cohen and Carson Daly made the cut, but Arsenio did not. Back in the 90s, Arsenio was the man and competed against both Johnny and Jay … well. So, he goes away from late night and comes back with much regalia.

Sure, some people need to be reminded that he is there again, but many presume the people that need to be reminded about that fact have a problem that Arsenio is there in the first place. Andy Cohen? Seriously?

BTW, NBC owns BravoThat’s why Andy Cohen and his tired show made the list. Carson Daly? Guess what network he’s on? Just saying.

That said, Arsenio noted he didn’t want to be the angry black man, so he calls Suge Knight to the stage. Fortunately, Brian Williams is in another country covering the Olympics or I have a feeling brother would have received a visit from some of Suge’s old friends. You know, to talk ratings and what not.

Arsenio gives out Williams’ phone number and social media went ablaze. Williams has since apologized, but meh? Watch the video for yourself. Was this a sin of omission … or a sin of commission? Whatever the intent, the outcome was just wrong.