‘The Last Of The Mohicans’ Is Today’s Free eBook

Today’s free eBook of the Day is The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper and William Kerr Wickes. This classic novel is the story of three trappers who protect British women during the French and Indian War.

Here is an excerpt: “The travellers anxiously regarded the upright, flexible figure of the young Mohican, graceful and unrestrained in the attitudes and movements of nature. Though his person was more than usually screened by a green and fringed hunting shirt, like that of the white man, there was no concealment to his dark, glancing, fearful eye, alike terrible and calm; the bold outline of his high haughty features, pure in their native red; or to the dignified elevation of his receding forehead, together with all the finest proportions of a noble head, bared to the generous scalping tuft.”

Google Books has the free download.

After you read the book, check out the 1992 movie adaptation starring Daniel Day Lewis.

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