The Ladies of ‘The View’ Have No Sympathy for Sheen’s Assault Victim

This morning, the ladies of “The View” discussed the charges of assault brought forward by Capri Anderson, the woman stuck in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room last month when he went bonkers. Led by Whoopi “It wasn’t rape-rape” Goldberg, the women roundly dismissed Anderson’s claims. Since we’re not likely to be invited to appear on the show anytime soon, we’re posting our rebuttals to their arguments here.

A. She’s a porn actress!
Porn actresses, like the rest of us, are at risk of being assaulted. They are also capable of telling the truth about the attack.

B. She didn’t file a complaint with the police immediately.
Sex workers have good reason to be wary of the police. At best they work in a legal gray area, and reports of mistreatment at the hands of their clients go largely ignored. Even non-sex workers are often reticent to report assault by dates and intimate partners.

C. Sheen is a big deal Hollywood star, so she must be doing this for the money and fame.
Women who come forward with complaints of assault against beloved celebrities are largely harassed and ridiculed. Kobe Bryant’s accuser, anyone?

We expect this kind of behavior from Howard Stern and Bill O’Reilly, but from a show that claims to represent women, this is a special sort of slap in the face.

Hat tip to Gawker for calling the bitchy broads out on this one.

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