The Kindle Fire is Growing Fast, But The iPhone Still Leads Mobile Ad Impressions

If advertising is any indication, consumers are snapping up the Kindle fire.

Advertising impressions on the Amazon tablet are growing by an incredible 19 percent a day — beating the pace set by the iPad after it launched in 2010.  According to Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report for November, the Android device is already seeing hundreds of millions of mobile ad impressions a month.

What this may mean for developers is that Android is quickly becoming a bifurcated market, with Google’s official Android Market remaining the pathway to phone owners and Amazon’s appstore becoming the gateway to tablet owners.

Overall, impressions on connected devices (tablets, iPod Touches, eReaders, etc) grew 14 percent month-over-month, and now account for 16 percent of Millennial Media’s advertising, an uptick the company is crediting partially to the popularity of the Kindle Fire.

While the Kindle Fire is performing strongly, the iPhone and its iOS operating system showed the biggest gains month-over-month. The iPhone still leads Millennial’s device charts, accounting for 14 percent of impressions with an eight percent increase month-over-month. Overall iOS increased its advertising share by seven percent in November. Aside from gains posted by the Kindle Fire and iOS devices, the status quo was largely intact. Apple was still the leading device manufacturer, accounting for 26 percent of all devices Millennial measured. Samsung remained the second most popular manufacturer, with17 percent of all devices.

Android also kept its hold as the most popular operating system overall — 14 out of the 20 most popular mobile phones are Android devices, and the OS accounts for 50 percent of ad impressions Millennial serves. iOS held steady in second place with 30 percent of impressions and RIM trailed in third place with 17 percent. Symbian and Windows both saw their share of impressions fall to one percent apiece.

Millennial also reported that advertising served over Wi-Fi connections is still growing quickly, increasing by 11 percent month over month. Wi-Fi connections now account for 39 percent of mobile advertising, up from the 33 percent the company reported in July. While connected devices are growing overall, their share of Wi-Fi impressions actually shrunk between July and November, down from 42 to 38 percent.