The Key to Winning Investors Is…Social Media?!

Venture capitalists confess to checking Twitter at work.


It’s raining money on social.

A curious survey released today by financial advisory service provider Greenwich Associates found that investors often go to what might seem like an unlikely source when determining where to invest their money: social media.

You’ll have to endure a call from “a sales representative” to download the whole thing, UGH, but we do have some findings via USA Today and the company’s own executive summary:

  • 80 percent of “institutional investors” admit to regularly perusing social at work
  • 30 percent say that info gleaned via social has “impacted their investment decision process”

(The other 50 percent just admitted to wasting time on Facebook/Twitter in the office.)


  • 48 percent said that info they read on social prompted them to research a particular company or industry
  • 37 percent said they “shared” such info with other partners at their firms

Finally more than one in three respondents said that something seen on a social network led directly to a decision to invest in a company.

The report is, unfortunately, light on details. Which networks were most influential? (We will guess Twitter.) Most importantly, what were these nuggets of information that led investors to tell their partners “buy, buy, buy”?!

Our sort-of-friends at digital ad agency R/GA have some ideas:

They’re being sarcastic, but there’s a legitimate investor relations point to be made here: venture capitalists and others are paying very close attention to your clients’ feeds…and the feeds of any particular influencers who might mention them.

Watch those accounts very closely.