The Kardashians & Sears Are Done

No more Kardashian Kollection.

One of the many businesses that the Kardashians have dipped into is fashion, selling the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. Recently, the troubled retailer pulled the brand from its racks after four years.

Forbes points out that the whole problem shouldn’t be laid at Sears’ feet. The department store chain has come upon some rough times, but the Kardashians didn’t help matters by flaunting a fashion sense that has nothing to do with the low-priced duds that made up the larger part of the clothing line.

“Compare this disconnect with the far more canny branding exercise that is the Jessica Simpson Collection. The one-time reality star’s clothes, shoes and accessories make about $1 billion at retail each year. Simpson’s own accessible style is reflected in the comfortable, mall-friendly line,” the magazine writes.

On the other hand, TMZ says its the sisters — Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — that broke ties with Sears because of the company’s financial troubles.

“Sears Chief Executive Officer Edward Lampert has been closing stores and selling hundreds of locations to a real estate investment trust, aiming to generate more cash from the company’s extensive property holdings,” writes Bloomberg Businessweek. “With the Kardashian line out of the picture, Sears can elevate more of its private-label brands and adjust the size of its clothing selection based on what individual stores need, the company said.”

Whatever the reason (and all of these are good ones), this was no longer a good match, so it’s probably best that they each go their separate ways. There is a disjointedness to the partnership that can’t be ignored. And when was the last time you met someone who was actually wearing an article of clothing from this Kollection?

Image via Twitter