The Jury Is Still Out on Whether Quora is Useful for PR Pros

Last week, we asked what the PR industry was looking for on Quora. Some of the questions under the PR header currently include “Is the press release really dead?” “What’s the best tool for PR people in 2011 and why?” and “What key criteria do companies now use for a regional or global PR agency of record?” (That last question has no comments.)

So far, we’ve gotten some mixed responses about how useful the site is for PR pros.

A commenter on our post, Ian Edwards, writes: “The PR threads are okay, but not nearly as vital as other threats like venture capital, startups and other technology-sector discussions that reflect the early adopting communities…I’ve learned much and answers on Quora have helped me in my consulting and writing.” And Bryan Howland said he used it a while back and would try it again.

“PR/marketing pros, along with others, are often looking for [a] *professional* [forum] where they can exchange ideas and get/provide feedback. I am not sure though, if the phenomenon that a lot of tech journos/media people are on there now will continue,” Jonathan Gardner, director of comms at Vibrant, told us via e-mail.

And when our question was posted on Quora (by some helpful readers; we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves) the lone response we got from Sam Folsom included info on trends, media, and influencers.

A few people told us via e-mail and commented on Twitter that they’re actually trying to understand the point of the site. And we’ve seen a number of questions that were posted on Quora repeated in tweets. So do you need Quora if you’re tweeting your question, posting it on Facebook, or on any other social network?

Quora is still in its early stages so many people are trying to determine whether they’ll return regularly and what it will morph into now that it has gotten popular. Here’s a quick Q&A on the topic from TechCrunch. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one to see where it goes.