The Joy of Other People’s Mess


There’s a relatively-unspoken, yet uber-familiar thing that goes on among creative types: wanting to get a peek at where your peers work. Hence all those studio tours that are usually part of conferences that come to town. We’re all artsy folk, so it stands to reason that our spaces will be a reflection of our inherent artsy-ness. That’s why the new site, “On My Desk” is so super cool. It allows you to pop in, see how people work in the design-or-otherwise fields and then get some nice write-ups about how the owners of said spaces conduct their days. In the batch of posts that have appeared since their launch on May 30th, what do we see as a unifying theme? Lots of books and often quite messy. But such is the way of things, we suppose (typed while surrounded by hundreds of books and lots of clutter).