The Journal Register Co’s Ben Franklin Project Proves A Success

Over Independence Day weekend, the Journal Register Co’s 18 dailies participated in something of an ongoing experiment. As part of the company’s “Ben Franklin Project,” the dailies each published a print newspaper and web content using only free publishing tools available on the internet, such as Google Docs.
Appropriately enough, the ultimate goal of the Ben Franklin Project is to show that media outlets and news sources can effectively gain “independence” from what the Journal Register Co. is referring to as “the restraints of legacy, proprietary publishing systems.” Plus, it inspires a more creative, hands-on approach to research and reporting — and it saves money.
Said Jon Cooper, the Journal Register’s vice president of content”

The collaborative nature of the Ben Franklin Project has provided opportunities for innovation and created an environment where the best ideas will win out. Journal Register’s employees have developed new low-cost solutions to long-standing, legacy issues.

Let free(dom) ring!