The Job Post: What Does It Take to Be a Social Media Strategist?

1006_jobpost_200x200You can schedule a tweet and can set up a Facebook page with your eyes closed, but do you have the chops to make a career out of social media strategy? By the looks of the job openings available right now, you have to be shrewd about the way you choose to spread the word for your client, and be able to create clear, concise and engaging messaging.

As social media continues to evolve, each company defines their roles differently. In the case of digital strategy house HUGE, you have to be able to design and develop comprehensive social media plans and initiatives, seeing them from conception through execution. Experience in the social media game is a must-have in order to provide educated insights and analysis on trends, challenges and solutions.

Ultimately, you’re trying to add value for your client’s product or the brand you represent by building interaction through your tactical campaigns. This requires a full understanding of social media technologies, platforms, and services, as well as client-facing experience. Fundamentally, you should be a born communicator, who can lead and inspire others.

If you’re a rookie looking to land a social media strategist gig, make sure you have a comprehensive grasp on your own profiles and start with a smaller company, so you can grow and learn with it. Those with several years of experience under their belts might want to go for a social media strategist position like the one HUGE currently has open. Whether you’re a novice, guru or somewhere in between, you can find more available social media job openings here.

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