The Is No FEC Precedent For Candidate Colbert


Stephen Colbert is not unlike an impeccably-coiffed electoral cosmonaut exploring The Great Unknown. Comparisons to Pat Paulsen’s comedic Presidential campaign are apparently not accurate because Colbert actually has a popular TV show. From Rick Klein of

”Media organizations are permitted to feature presidential candidates in covering campaigns.

”But no precedent exists for a television network promoting and fostering a candidacy of one of its own talk-show hosts, said Lawrence M. Noble, a former general counsel for the Federal Election Commission. And comedian Pat Paulsen’s 1968 candidacy predated current campaign finance regulations.

”’The real problem comes in the fact that he actually has his own show, talking about his campaign, paid for by a network,’ Noble said. ‘These are the kind of things on slow days you’d debate until the late afternoon at the FEC, but there are serious questions that come up. In theory, he could end up having some campaign finance problems.”’

(image via sacbee)