The iPad Was a Hit at OSU

Oklahoma State University has just released the results of a pilot program it ran last fall. A total of 5 classes used the iPad during the Fall 2010 semester.

In general, most students and faculty liked the iPad. They felt that it enhanced a student’s academic experience by providing faster access to more information than a traditional textbook. It was also used to replace pen and paper for note taking, but surprisingly it was not used much as an eReader. That was part of the original plan, but apparently it didn’t work out well.

The iPad is also expected to reduce costs. The digital textbooks bought on the iPad were somewhat cheaper than the paper versions. It’s estimated that a student could recover the cost of an iPad in only 2 semesters. Also, if it were adopted university wide, the school could expect to save a considerable sum by going paperless.

There’s a video produced by OSU on the pilot program, and it’s after the break.

image by vphill