The iPad is Finally Available in its Home Country & May Make an Appearance at Target

Those of us who live in the vicinty of an Apple Store (in my case 3 are nearby) may wonder why Apple needs other physical stores from which to sell the iPad. But, in truth, not every city and town has an Apple Store. But, many do have a nearby Target store. There are nearly 1750 stores in 49 states. Apple has 229 stores in 41 states. So, if this item in Engadget is correct, it should be a lot easier to “try before you buy” an iPad in the U.S.

iPad headed to Target on October 3rd?

In the meantime, Apple announced that:

iPad Wi-Fi Models Available in China on September 17

I find this a bit ironic since nearly every Apple hardware product ships out from Shenzhen China. In a sense, Apple’s iPad will finally be available in its own home country.