The iPad Accounts For 26 Percent Of Wired‘s Mobile Traffic

The iPad, the iPod for people with giant hands that will either kill or save or coolly ignore print publishing, accounts for 26 percent of Wired‘s digital traffic. And it only came out this month, just three short weeks ago! That is an interesting thing to note!

According to Wired, mobile devices make up between 2.3 and 3.5 percent of their total traffic. From April 3 (the day the iPad hit stores) to April 19, iPad users accounted for 0.91 percent of Wired‘s total site traffic. And it seems like many of these new iPad users were former iPhone owners who remained in the Apple family – the increase in iPad usage corresponded with a decrease in use by iPhone and iPod Touch users.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether those visiting the magazine’s website through their iPads will translate into people downloading Wired‘s forthcoming digital magazine – anticipation for which has either been amplified or marred by Apple’s refusal to make its handheld devices Adobe Flash-friendly. Wired even notes the irony that iPad traffic to their site is strong even despite the fact that much of their website’s videos use Flash:

And yes, we are aware of the irony that the majority of’s videos, which use an Adobe Flash-based player, don’t play on the iPad. We’re working on that, starting with our homepage, which became iPad-compatible starting Wednesday evening, thanks to managing editor Pam Statz.

And that, friends, is the attitude that lands you Ellie awards. And money.