The Internship: A Sure Road To A Career

Companies are keeping tabs on potential hires as early as freshman year of college, the WSJ reports, the better to assess the students, potential.

Since internships are becoming a sure road to a career, it only makes sense that recruiters would be scoping out their interns earlier and earlier on.

And internships are indeed a ticket to a job, or becoming so. A quarter of the 480 respondents to a WSJ poll said that half their new graduate hires were former interns; 14 percent selected at least 3/4 of their new hires from the intern pool.

And if you’re not working in media*, college recruiting becomes even more competitive. General Electric Co., for example, pays its interns and gives them a housing and transportation stipend. A data management firm, Net App, tries even harder to keep its top choices untempted: the company sends monthly care packages to the students Net App has offered jobs to.

What does this mean for the aspiring journo or PR? Nothing new, just that internships are and will continue to be important stepping stones on the way to your career.

*This is a gross generalization, but mostly true!