The Internet is Still Just a Porn Delivery Vehicle

Remember the good old days of the late ’90s, when the Internet was only really useful for email and porn? Well, despite the introduction of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and “content creator” becoming an official job designation, things haven’t really changed that much. ExtremeTech got a hold of YouPorn’s traffic numbers, and came to some pretty startling conclusions.

YouPorn hosts “over 100TB of porn”, and serves “over 100 million” page views per day. All told, this equates to an average of 950 terabytes of data transfer per day, almost all of which is streaming video. This is around 28 petabytes per month, which means our 29PB estimate for Xvideos is on the low side; it probably serves 35 to 40PB per month.

It gets better! At peak time, YouPorn serves 4000 pages per second, equating to burst traffic in the region of 100 gigabytes per second, or 800Gbps. This is equivalent to transferring more than 10 dual-layer DVDs every second….

To put that 800Gbps figure into perspective, the internet only handles around half an exabyte of traffic every day, which equates to around 50Tbps — in other words, a single porn site accounts for almost 2% of the internet’s total traffic.

And that’s just for one site! Throw in RedTube, Pornhub, and and ExtremeTech estimates porn could account for up to 30% of all the data transferred over the Internet. And of that 30% we here at FishbowlLA account for a good 5 to 6%. Help us, seriously. We have problems. Can’t. Get. Enough. Schlongmaster.