The Intel Reader Scans Text and Reads It Aloud

The Intel Reader is one very cool CES gadget that we missed. It’s a device made by the chip-manufacturer intended for the visually impaired or dyslexic. It scans text and then reads it aloud to you. It looks kinda like a chunky kids camera, or an underwater photography tool, crossed with a giant iPod.

This isn’t really an eReader, nor is it a device for general consumers: it’s a specialty tool for the disabled. It costs about $1,500. But it’s a really smart way of making any piece of text that can be scanned accessible to people who would not otherwise be able to read it.

Here’s more from The Guardian’s tech blog on why Intel decided to create this product; blogger Jack Schofield spoke to an Intel employee at CES who said, “the product’s developer is dyslexic and knew how hard it was ‘to get printed text in a format he could listen to and understand.’ He went to the general manager of our group and pitched the idea, and Intel Heath got behind it because it fits with the whole idea of digital health, which is helping people to be independent.”

Also check out Engadget for a video of the device in action.