The Insider Launches Facebook Connect Service

The Insider, a site for celebrity gossip and other entertainment news has launched a service that takes advantage of Facebook Connect. I had a chance to check out the integration and it’s pretty interesting. Unfortunately many of the features weren’t loading correctly but a few of them were. One of the key benefits of the Facebook Connect integration is the ability to comment on stories using an automatically generated profile.

The service also immediately tells you which of your friends are on the site. Not surprisingly, none of my friends were already using the site. This is one of many applications to roll out features using the Facebook Connect service. For now the integration is extremely basic with the ability to invite friends to join you at the site and comment on other user profiles.

Over the coming weeks we will see many more sites launch with Facebook Connect. This is only one of the few early ones to take advantage of the integration. There are definitely some great promotional benefits although this implementation of Facebook Connect doesn’t appear to take advantage of all those. For example when I registered for the Insider there was no notification that posted to my newsfeed.

This is still extremely early though and I’m guessing we will see many of these features change as time progresses. If you are into gossip news then go check out the Insider and connect their community with your Facebook profile.