The Insider’s Guide to Wellness

InnerRewards stakes the claim as “The Insider’s Guide to Wellness” and attempts to be a one-stop shop for all topics related to living a healthy lifestyle. It provides a wide range of selections for rewarding our inner self.It touts reviews for spas, yoga studios, travel tips, discounts on services, how-to videos, and discussions on virtually every topic for health and wellness. The spas section allows you to discover as well as review all the providers (spas, yoga studios, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc) they list. The destination portion allows you to search by location for those services, as well as obtain different travel tips.

Another great feature is the option to search for discounts on various services ($50 facials certificates!). Even better is the section with how-to videos that their expert consultants produce. Some examples are a how to cook a power breakfast by a personal chef/nutritionist and an interview with a personal trainer debating the benefits of food vs. fitness.

The last section the Inner Rewards site offers is a breakdown of any topic related to health and wellness. It breaks the topics down and then offers multiple articles and related links to give you as much information as possible.
Inner Rewards breaks down this multitude of options cleanly, offers enough options to keep people coming back for more, and provides a pleasing platform all at the same time.

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