The Inside Scoop on Working at Twitter

In the spirit of Twitter going public today and having it’s very own hashtag (ahem, #ring), we were curious. What’s it really like to work at the social media company that was spawned in 2006?

According to reviews on Glassdoor, it received 4.5 stars out of 5. With a market value today of $24.5 billion, 90 percent of its employees say they’re confident in their company’s business outlook for the next six months.

Per GeekWire there are 2,300 employees so 89 reviews may not accurately be a big enough sample but a senior site reliability engineer called it, “A very fun and dynamic place.” (And if you have no idea what that job title means, no worries there. We don’t either.)

The engineer’s review is the most recent one. As for the pros, he wrote, “You’ll get amazing challenges along with a very solid engineering culture plus the chance to have global impact.”

As for the cons? “Honestly, none that I can think of.”

Despite having mostly positive employee reviews, more people rated the interview experience as negative rather than positive. And surprisingly, more candidates said they landed an interview by applying online over an employee referral or through a recruiter which means resumes don’t really get lost over there in a black hole once candidates submit their CVs.