The Indy News Guild Is Not Feeling So Super

On July 3rd, the Indianapolis Star printed a full-page ad saying that more people purchased the Sunday paper in June than a year ago, and “we are feeling super!” “Thanks for making our day,” the ad said.

The Indianapolis News Guild couldn’t resist commenting on the ad.

“Personally, I’ve been feeling a little less than super,” guild president Bobby King wrote. “I’ve had a few days of late that have been downright lousy. Like the day when 28 of my newsroom colleagues – 25 of them my friends in the newspaper guild – were…laid off.”

That was part of the 700 cuts parent company Gannett Co. made in response to declining revenues.

But, King says, it’s “amazing” how well those layoffs must have worked. “In less than two weeks, the Star’s troubles appear now to be behind us. We are, as the full page ad in Sunday’s paper said, ‘super.’…It’s nice to know that the newspaper is super again. And in less than two short weeks after we were in such an un-super situation. That’s an amazing turnaround. Our newspaper sales must have grown quickly after those people were ‘let go.’ Unless, of course, the Star was growing while those people were still here. Could it be that we were super all along?…The one good thing out of all this is that, now that the Star is super again, the rest of us who are still working here should be in line for a super pay raise! Note the exclamation point. That means really super.”