The Impressive and Concerning Construction of a Hotel in Just Six Days

Currently making the rounds inside the design/architecture portions of the internet, as well as in email forwards from your grandparents and Twitter feeds the world over, is this time-lapse video of the construction of the Ark Hotel in Changsha, China. Reportedly, and time-stamped as such, it only took six days to build the 15-story hotel, which is both a remarkable achievement and, to this writer at least, absolutely terrifying. Although officials have said that the building is completely up to safety codes, and that all the pieces were prefabricated (hence the ability to build so quickly), it still doesn’t put us very much at ease, particularly considering China’s recent poor history with both hotels and building codes.

Also, to continue raining on this modern technological miracle, since all the pieces were prefabricated, that doesn’t really mean the whole thing was built in six days, does it? You’re just seeing the “stick it all together” part.