The Importance Of Wash Bureaus To Local Pubs, As Defined By A Martini

The Newspaper Association of America features a piece by the Chicago Tribune‘s Mike Dorning that illustrates the importance of newspapers’ Washington bureaus. It opens:

The one time I had dinner with Barack Obama was when a small group of reporters traveling with him during the presidential campaign had been invited to join him for dinner after the speech he gave in Berlin. It was a big night and the presidential candidate ordered a serious-looking drink befitting the occasion. But he sipped cautiously. Well into the evening, his martini glass was still half full, and it remained so until shortly before he made his exit from the table full of reporters. That’s the Barack Obama I know: careful, controlled, deliberate– a politician who may be willing to take big strategic risks with his career but methodically works to eliminate any chance of a slip-up.

Dorning’s point is illustrated by a drink order- it helps to know the people you’re covering. Follow NAA’s Above the Fold here.