How can Facebook page optimization help your business on Google?


More businesses are looking for a way to not only grow their influence on Facebook, but to get a more favorable ranking in Google search. We talked with Chris Boggs, the Chairperson of SEMPO and CMO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, to get a better idea of how the two networks complement each other.

It’s as important as ever for you to grow your Facebook page properly, since search engines like Google are now considering how your brand looks based on what content it picks up:

  • People tend to focus on non-brand related search terms.
  • Brands that are exact matches to Google will return 7 results in SERPS instead of  10.
  • Brand managers should tailor properties so that all 7 results is content you control.
  • Youtube and G+ profiles rank high, but Facebook is seeing higher ranking lately.
  • Google uses Google+ to display knowledge graph information on your brand.

A lot of people focus on the non-branded search terms. I think you can learn a lot about what Google thinks of a brand by the way they return the results.

For example, they have this thing I call the “brand seven pack.” If your brand is chosen as being an exact or “vital” match, this means there is a brand match- like Dun & Bradstreet, for example. If someone  types that in, they’ll get 7 results instead of 10.

The next step after you have reached seven results is finding how you can optimize them to be all properties that you own.

Facebook is a big player in this. If you can get your Facebook page to rank as one of those 7, it’s content you own- a goal everyone should have. The idea of your Facebook page ranked for your brand on Google search certainly should be one of your goals. If it is a part of that seven pack on the first page, it’s a great sign.


Brands will have their Google search results starting with site links, if they have a YouTube page, it would probably be on that first page since it’s Google owned- but  more Facebook and Twitter pages are having stronger opportunities to rank, though.

Google is now leveraging Google+ with knowledge graphs to the right of search results. Typically happens if you have a Google+ account set up and verified to have enough authority.

2014-05-19 14_43_46-Google - Google Search

So when someone types in your brand, the Google+ account will show up on the right below knowledge graphs and  local location maps, but who knows! It might be possible that Google will start putting real time messaging used in knowledge graph.

Every company should work on their Facebook pages so it becomes a part of your brand search on Google.

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