The Importance of Being Logo-fied


After this writer’s branding bonanza yesterday, our good pal Susan Kirkland wrote in to share this piece with us: “Is your small business logo important?” by Naseem Javed. She’s of the camp we are in, that logos are an important part of a business, so she was understandably peeved at this essay about focus on the name is far more important than the image that accompanies it. There’s definitely some point to Javed’s piece, because it’s most likely true that a company’s name is communicated far more than the logo, but at the same time, to discredit the entire importance of the logo is a bit silly, we think. It’s the message from the same camp as those people who have the “Make your own logo for $199” camp, or the clients who pay their cousin’s kid to do their ad layouts. Both may do a fairly competent job at providing the most basic information, but will there be a connection there? If advertising and marketing has taught us anything in the billion years it’s been around, it’s that the product doesn’t usually matter, the sizzle sells the steak. By saying, “forget the sheen and just do your job” is nice, but if you actually want to grow and have a presence, it takes an identity. How many times have you bought albums based on the cover art alone? Or books? Or magazines? Or, hell, even food. We certainly agree that it’s definitely important to have a lasting name, but have you ever bought anything just from a name? Or went somewhere just because of a name? No. Absolutely not. It’s the whole package and nothing but.