The Humble Masterpieces/SAFE Book Party Rocked Our Reality


OMG. We met Judith Regan.

Scrolling back, there was a book party for the double powerhouse of SAFE and Humble Masterpieces last night at the MoMA design store in Soho. Once we got past the doormen and convinced them that we weren’t there to return piles of Muji (apparently a lot of punters were psyched the store was both open and serving wine and tried to talk their way in), we started schmoozing like foxes by which we mean talking to Paola, who we already know. Who was deservedly psyched that her books were out.

A good showing: Alastair “Naked Airport” Gordon, Kurt “Culturescape” Andersen, Tucker “What, This is What I Always Wear” Viemeister, Our “This Counts As Work For You???” Mother, Steven “Time Magazine Said I Was America’s Best Architect So I Don’t See Why We Have To Discuss That Little MIT Incident” Holl, and others but the pinot grigio was being very generously filled and everything started getting a little fuzzy, like rainbows.

Oh yeah, and then we finally saw publisher/editrix Judith Regan, who joined the conversation by saying “No one ever talks about my books, they’re just concerned with my sluttiness!” and then almost stood on a floor model Philippe Starck and announced that Paola was her very favorite person to produce books with.