The Huffington Post: Still sort of like crack, but we’re coming down

I don’t know about you but yesterday I couldn’t help compulsively clicking back to The Huffington Post to see what random name would crop up next, saying what other random thing. Look! It’s Walter Cronkite, still down wit da kids at 89 and enthusing “see you on the Blog!” (capitalizing “blog” in that cute I-just-learned-what-a-blog-is way). There’s John Corzine, making us a little bit safer every day, and Gary Hart (Gary Hart?) reminding us that he still has important opinions on the important issues. There’s Larry David (the kind of big gun we’re all waiting for, let’s face it, Jonah Peretti) and Larry Gelbart and Rob Reiner and Joe Scarborough and…

It’s even exhausting just doing a Huffington Post round-up – without critique! – let alone reading the thing (our brother at FishbowlLA described it best: “Huffatigue“). And I do so want to slog through the commentary from the blogosphere to get the snark and the dirt – never mind the two cents and more from the media pundits (Harry Shearer, we’re waiting for you to join their ranks…eat the press already, they’re eating you!).

My God, I’m even boring myself. Huffington Post, if you blog it they will come, but if you smash them over the head with it again and again and again – well, they’ll get a headache.

UPDATE: Harry Shearer’s got “Eat The Press” up and running! Consider us duly eaten. Wait, that sounds wrong.

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