The Huffington Post Launches ‘BlackVoices’

Today The Huffington Post launched its newest vertical – BlackVoices. The site, according to Arianna Huffington, is designed to showcase the black person’s perspective on everything, big to small.

“We are living in a split-screen world – depending on what part of the screen you are looking at, you will have a very different perception of where things stand,” explained Huffington, in her welcoming post on the site. “HuffPost BlackVoices plans to cover both sides of the screen, from crushing unemployment on one side, to the best and brightest black innovators, thinkers and cultural game changers on the other.”

Christina Norman, who was recently ousted as CEO of Oprah’s OWN, is BlackVoices Executive Editor. She echoed Huffington, “What’s especially exciting for me is that we’ll be bringing HuffPost’s unique approach to building passionate communities to content that speaks particularly to African-Americans – whether it’s Beyonce’s new look or a new book that’s making waves.”

The site has plenty of prominent black writers, leaders and influencers contributing content. Heidi Durrow, Michael Steele, John Legend, Al Sharpton, Amy DuBois Barnett, Kamala Harris, Henry Louis Gates, Trey Ellis and Mellody Hobson are all going to appear on BlackVoices.