The Huffington Post Hits the Books

HuffPostBooks.jpgThe Huffington Post is hitting the books. HuffPost Books, a new section including book news, reviews, blog posts, question-and-answer sessions with authors and other book-related fare, launched Monday.

Amy Hertz, editor-at-large at Penguin’s Dutton Books, is the editor of HuffPost Books, and the section also includes a partnership with The New York Review of Books, under which HuffPost Books will host articles before the print versions debut, and a new feature suggesting books for reading and discussion, “The Huffington Post Book Club: Arianna’s Reading.”

Hertz said:

I’ve spent my entire working life in publishing and have strived to build bridges between the people who express ideas and their audience, so it’s thrilling to be creating just such a nexus online at The Huffington Post, with its expanding and deeply engaged community. Books change the way we think about ourselves and the world, and I know HuffPost’s readers are eager for a way of expressing just how books impact their lives. We’re also extremely excited to be partnering with The New York Review of Books, one of the leading literary and cultural publications in the world, featuring some of the most interesting minds of our time discussing books and issues in-depth.

And HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington added:

I’ve spent some of the happiest hours of my life absorbed in a book, and I wrote my first book at 22, so I’ve had a lifelong love affair with books and reading and couldn’t be more excited that we are launching a Books section. From the beginning, HuffPost has sought to combine the best of the traditional media with the best of the new media, and that’s what we’ve done with Books. For people who love books, and reading, and good writing, HuffPost Books will be the place for them. I’m especially delighted to be partnering with The New York Review of Books, the premier source for thoughtful, penetrating articles on books, as well as politics, culture and current events.