The Huffington Post Has Over 100 Million Comments

The Huffington Post attracts a lot of visitors, mostly with promises of celebrities in bikinis and important news items, like the top 10 party colleges (congrats Buckeyes Bobcats! And sorry to parents of Ohio State University students). We’re joking, of course. The site does have quality journalism, and on top of that – plenty of user interaction.

As evidence of that, Mashable reports that last weekend HuffPo registered its 100 millionth comment. Arianna Huffington credits the achievement to the site’s ability to present users with relevant comments and a unique comment filtering system:

HuffPo employs 30 human moderators who work alongside ‘Julia,’ a backend moderator that algorithmically filters out comments that don’t belong on the site. They keep trolls and offensive remarks out of the comment sections and work to quickly approve posts so that there isn’t a long gap between submitting a comment and it appearing on the site.

No word on how many of the 100 million comments actually make any sense, but hey, this is the Internet, contributing something worthwhile to an article has no place here.