The Huffington Post Finds Religion

The Huffington Post launched HuffPost Religion Wednesday as a destination for religious news and blog posts on the topic.

Princeton University associate dean of religious life Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, an ordained Baptist minister, will edit HuffPost Religion, which will focus on topics including how personal religious commitments influence politicians; the Clash of Civilizations between Islam and the West; the relationship between science and religion; how religion helps people to overcome personal obstacles; and the ways in which religion is portrayed in movies, music, books, and TV.

HuffPost Religion bloggers include: Jim Wallis on the spiritual crisis of the recession; Eboo Patel on the importance of interfaith relations; Sister Joan Chittister on the future of the Roman Catholic Church; Deepak Chopra on the continued importance of spirituality; Rabbi Or Rose on the role of religion when it comes to the environment; Dr. Eddie Glaude on the declining power of the black church; Sharon Salzberg on Buddhism’s “middle way”; Brian McLaren on “new Evangelicals”; and Steven Barrie Anthony on technology and spirituality. Other voices will include Robert Thurman, Steven Waldman, Feisal Rauf, Yehuda Berg, Sam Harris, and Bruce Feiler.

HuffPost co-founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington said:

Religion plays a central role in American life, yet all too often, when talking about it, we end up talking at each other instead of with each other. This is a shame, especially at a time like this, when the economic struggle in many people’s lives has led to a deeper questioning of our values and priorities. Whether you are a believer or not, this is an essential conversation to have, and I’m delighted we will be having it on HuffPost. As a passionate and brilliant religious thinker, pastor, writer, and college dean, Paul Raushenbush is ideally suited to the challenge of presenting multiple viewpoints and insights, as well as the real-world implications of religion on American life.

Raushenbush added:

HuffPost Religion aims to more accurately reflect the large cross section of insights provided by religious people beyond the more narrow range commonly depicted. Religion far transcends politics and moves beyond right versus left. Our goal is to create a place for a dialogue about the many aspects of religion and spirituality that is open, intelligent, forward-thinking, and unafraid of challenging the conventional wisdom. The section also looks at what religion has to say about all subjects, from politics to pop culture.