The Huffington Post Adds Pundit Badges

Badges? Readers of the HuffPost Politics section on The Huffington Post may notice some stinking badges marked Pundits, to go along with the site’s already-existing Superuser, Networker, and Community Moderator badges.

HuffPost social news editor Adam Clark Estes described the new badges:

Commenters earn a Pundit badge by consistently contributing insightful, informative, and engaging commentary. For now, we’ve only identified Community Pundits on HuffPost Politics articles, but you’ll soon see Business Pundits, Green Pundits, and World Pundits. Over time, we’ll have a Pundit Badge for each of HuffPost’s 23 verticals. Being a Pundit comes with privileges. Besides having their comments highlighted in the Highlights tab and the Community Pundits box, we also allow our Pundits to leave longer comments.

As you’ll see, the political commentary from our Community Politics Pundits springs from all points on the ideological spectrum. In the same way that our Community Moderators and comment-moderation staff never moderate based on politics viewpoints, we don’t award Pundit Badges based on whether we agree or disagree with that commenter’s opinion. We look at our Community Pundits as conversation-starters. They are being recognized for driving discussions and adding value to our news coverage — regardless of their political leanings.