The Howard Kurtz Two-Fer With Dana Perino

The Howard Kurtz two-fer of print and TV interviews with White House Spokesperson Dana Perino concluded today with her appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

The CNN spot mirrored Kurtz’s Washington Post interview last week that found Perino shooting back at a few targets, and more widely at the quickened and more opinionated news media by way of blogs:

From her vantage point, the rise of the blogging culture has damaged journalism. With mainstream reporters posting blog items throughout the day, ‘it’s snappy, sarcastic. It doesn’t necessarily engender trust between the reporter and the press people.’ And she sees the growth in “analysis” pieces as an excuse for some reporters to vent “what their feelings are about an issue.”

She also went over the feud, or “difficulties” the Administration has had with The New York Times during the CNN spot, and referred repeated to receiving the access “they deserve”:

They get their questions asked–the president always calls on “The New York Times” at a news conference. But just because he doesn’t want to spend an hour alone with Sheryl [Gay Stolberg] or her colleagues in the Oval Office I think doesn’t mean that they’re not getting the coverage that they deserve.

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